Efficient, cost-effective shredder for plastics, wood, paper and rubber.
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Innovative full-featured shredder for plastics, rubber, and wood.
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Shredder for long lineals such as composite lumber.
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How Is Republic Different?

We recognize your biggest challenges and provide solutions through creativity and engineering. Think of us as an engineering company that happens to make shredders and industrial cutters.

Our industrial cutters are developed through disciplined engineering and thorough field evaluations. At the same time, we push the envelope to make our low speed, ram fed, single shaft, rotary shredder productive, reliable, and serviceable.

How is This Innovation Possible?

We use state of the art 3D parametric design software coupled with over 60 years of industry experience. This allows us to go from “Art to Part” quickly and successfully. What does this mean for you? We meet your needs faster and more affordably than the competition.

Our Top Five Innovations

As a leader in innovations, Republic Machine has developed five Major Component Feature Areas that dramatically improve the integrity and quality of our industrial cutters.


#1. Modular Split-A-Part Design

Modular Split-Apart Design

Our modular split-a-part shredder design results in shredders that are easy to clean and maintain and are flexible in size. The frames and gearboxes can be interchanged to fit your application demands, plant restrictions, and material handling needs.


#2. Cutting Systems

Zoidal Cutting System

Our patented Zoidal cutting system is much more efficient and provides a much longer consumable life than other systems. The Zoidal cutting system is truly a non-wrapping cutting system. The Zoidal cutting system allows for the tightest cutting tolerances in the single shaft shredding industry today.

This “thru hardened” tool steel cutter is superior to others for film and fiber reduction. The cutter and counterknife geometery, and tight tolerances do not allow film or carpet to wrap around the rotor, increase heat, or slow or stop production.

For less demanding, non-wrapping solid products, models are manufactured with our durable 40 mm square Hawksbill cutting system.


#3. Control System


The open architecture control system is based on Allen Bradley’s Micrologix 1400 and is designed to meet all system requirements. The standard control panel provides normal overload protection. The system also controls the hydraulically powered ram direction, speed, force, and monitors the feed system to address potential overheating. Republic Machine’s control panels are fuse-free and designed in NEMA enclosures.


#4. Ram System

The ram feed system is hydraulically activated and programmed to respond to resistance, pressure, or torque, controlling the amount of material fed into the cutting area. On the floor of the material feed section, a push plate moves forward and back, allowing material to quickly fall to the bottom, where the shredding occurs. Republic Machine’s ram system monitors both motor amperage and ram pressure.


#5. Power Train

Belt Free Direct Power Train

Our power train systems are electric motors which vary from 50 HP to 250 HP. Every shredder is equipped with speed reducers and computer programmed controls with torque management devices. All motors have an electrical soft start to reduce current inrush during startup.

Republic Machine power trains are equipped with a heavy duty gearbox and an over-torque limiting clutch assembly that protects the gearbox. The specified power train lash up between the on electric motor and gearbox is based on required output, cutter type, rotor diameter, and screen surface area. Republic Machine is pleased to offer the longest drive train warranty (3 years) in the industry today.