Efficient, cost-effective shredder for plastics, wood, paper and rubber.
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Innovative full-featured shredder for plastics, rubber, and wood.
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Shredder for long lineals such as composite lumber.
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Carpet Recycling & Waste to Energy

Modular Split-Apart Shredder

Republic developed its carpet recycling and waste to energy solutions as a response to a challenge grant from the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), an organization dedicated to carpet recycling and diverting carpet from landfills. Republic’s carpet recycling shredders boast sustainable throughput capabilities of 3-5 tons per hour. Just as significant is Republic Machine’s ability to drastically reduce the cost of consumables. Our carpet shredders deliver costs of less than a penny a pound.

Republic’s carpet recycling shredders prepare carpet fiber for recycling and/or pelletizing. Recycled carpet holds great potential BTU value for the waste to energy market. This product can be burned to generate electricity with few environmental implications.

Republic’s Innovations for the Carpet Recycling & Waste to Energy markets:

  • RM Carpet Shredder
  • Patented Zoidal cutting system
  • Adjustable, reversible and resharpenable counterknives allow for greater wear properties and the tightest gapping tolerances in the industry
  • Reduction in mechanical downtime thus increasing valuable uptime.
  • Greatly reduce heat generation
  • Bolt-in toolholders