Efficient, cost-effective shredder for plastics, wood, paper and rubber.
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Innovative full-featured shredder for plastics, rubber, wood and medical waste.
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Innovative, safe, efficient shredder for solid and corrugated wall pipe.
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RM Carpet Shredder

  • Sustainable Throughputs – 3 to 5 tons/hour
  • Employs Republic Machine’s Patented Zoidal Cutting System
  • Cost of Consumables – Less than a Penny a Pound
  • Single-Piece Solid Forged Rotor
  • Overtorque Limiting Clutch Assembly
  • Adjustable Anvil for Maintaining Tight Gap Tolerances
  • Bolt-in Replacable Tool Holders
  • Reversible and Re-sharpenable Counter Knives
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Republic’s investment in engineering and development is revolutionizing the carpet recycling industry. Our carpet shredder delivers more operational “up-time” and less maintenance downtime than any shredder on the market today. Sustainable throughputs – 3-5 tons/hour, no loss in production as cutters wear Cost of consumables – less than a penny a pound.