Efficient, cost-effective shredder for plastics, wood, paper and rubber.
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Innovative full-featured shredder for plastics, rubber, wood and medical waste.
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Innovative, safe, efficient shredder for solid and corrugated wall pipe.
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Modular Split-a-Part Shredder

  • Easy Access and Safe Clean Out and Stand-Up Maintenance
  • Single-Piece Solid Forged Rotor
  • Overtorque Limiting Clutch Assembly
  • Adjustable anvil for maintaining tight gap tolerances
  • Bolt-in replacable tool holders
  • Reversible and re-sharpenable counter knives
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Republic Machine’s Modular Split-A-Part Shredder features our patented Zoidal cutting system and smart chamber design which does not allow film or fiber wrapping on the rotor. This greatly reduces frictional heat, minimizes wear and drastically reduces the cost of consumables in high abrasive applications. The Modular Split-A-Part design allows for easy and safe clean out and stand-up maintenance. Also available with our Hawksbill cutting system for hard plastic materials.