Efficient, cost-effective shredder for plastics, wood, paper and rubber.
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Innovative full-featured shredder for plastics, rubber, wood and medical waste.
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Innovative, safe, efficient shredder for solid and corrugated wall pipe.
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Medical Waste Management Shredders

Medical waste products include items used for infusions, dialysis, wound dressing, surgery, injections, etc. and are made from plastic, nonwoven fabrics, paper, paperboard, and rubber, glass, and metal. For proper medical waste management, the EPA requires all medical waste to be either autoclaved or chemically treated before any disposal into landfills, and most landfills require shredding before disposal. Republic has developed a shredder designed to reduce the risks involved with shredding medical waste.

Republic’s Innovation for Medical Waste Management

  • Eagle Shredder – accessible for easy, safe, clean-out & maintenance

For more information on our shredders for medical waste contact George Sotsky at 502-637-6778.